Marketing and Branding Solutions for SME Business

If your business is looking to build its brand, our team can work with you to create solid marketing solutions to increase brand recognition. For start-ups, we can help create and define your brand, complete with a full logo design service.

We use our down-to-earth understanding of the end user, to create customized solutions that appeal to the correct market groups, which are different for every business.

We handle projects of any size - whether you are looking for a complete marketing package or just logo design, we can help.

Company Branding

Acre Technologies begins by objectively looking at your company and any current branding, the services/products it offers, and the mindset of the potential buyer: analysing their perceptions, based on real-world customer interactions.

We help identify your business unique selling points, and create solutions to leverage these.  Talk to us today and kickstart your business branding.

Logo Design

Your logo should be instantly recognizable and reflect the culture and aims of your business.

Using our graphic design and branding experience, we distil your corporate identity, creating a logo that will appeal to and resonate with your customers.

Graphic design

We provide a range of graphic design services - whatever you require, we can create; Digital asset creation, 2d technical illustrations, all the way to 3d renders and product demonstration animations.

We have decades of experience in creating visual media, whether for print media, such as catalogues, pamphlets and business cards, to an online 3d interactive walk-through. Tell us what you need and we can provide it.


We provide an in-house photography service for our customers needing photo assets such as location shots, product photos, and website design assets. Professionally shot photos can take a standard website and make it great: building customer trust and engagement.

Video Production

Video presentations can be an amazing tool for your business  - excellent for grabbing attention on a website, social media, or trade event.
Video can help demonstrate product key features, or explain your business service's selling points. We find that websites making use of video media can generate customer interest and search engine ranking.

We have a full in-house videography service than will handle promotional and product shoots and more. Talk to us about what you need, and we can help.

Print Materials

We can create print media layout and design, as part of a complete marketing package. Business cards, catalogues, pamphlets & flyers, banners and posters, to product packaging, whatever you need we can create. 

We create to print manufacturers specifications and work with your chosen printer to ensure print production goes smoothly.

HTML Email Marketing

We have solutions for email mass marketing.
Whether you wish to gather emails on you website to build customer interaction and remarketing, or utilize tools such as Mailchimp for sending newsletters, we can help.

Our experience can provide solutions to help your email stop ending up in people's junk box, and work to engage customers for positive results.