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Graphic Design

Acre PC offers a complete range of Graphic Design services.

In an ever shifting market gaining the correct attention, and using potential customer’s perceptions for maximum advertising leverage is crucial for all business. Too many small to medium businesses lose potential customers by bad corporate branding, ranging from being too esoteric to far too generic.

We use our down-to-earth understanding of the end user, to create customized design solutions that appeal to the correct market groups – which is individual and different for every business.  

We offer a range of design services, from small modernizing tweaks, to full brand and image redesign overhauls, depending on your needs.

Brand and Logo Design

The creation of an instantly recognizable and memorable brand image is of vital importance and essential to any business. We can help by sitting down with you and discussing your potential customer and user base, and come up with solutions that best convey your products and services.

We can create media for web, video, print, signage, and more.

Talk to Sarah today to discuss finding a solution that will promote your business.

Web Design

Acre PC's Websites are designed to comvey important information well, and be fully responsive to a wide range of devices.

Too many websites fail to convey important information, or are too difficult for users to navigate.

Our sites are specifically designed for the end user in mind, so that your products and services are conveyed in a professional, easy to view manner.

Gone are the days of a simple landing page, and a short description or information page, and contact details. Your website will be the first point of contact for many potential clients and should be simple to use and navigate, yet still convey important information quickly and effectively.

In addition modern websites must be able to be viewed on a large range of devices, including 4k Hi-def TV screens, desktop computers, tablets, and small smartphones - while still being easily readable and navigable. Websites that do not meet this criteria tend to rank further down in online web search results.

Talk to our team today to see how we can make a website solution that works best for your needs.

2D, Web Media, 3D imaging, Video and Graphics.

Our team has over a decade’s worth of experience in creating visual media. Sometimes print or online 2D graphics best convey your products or services, sometimes video presentations, or sometimes 3D virtual imagery than can surpass traditional media in terms of highlighting key selling features.

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