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Local Backup solutions.

Whether you are a home or business user, we strongly recommend that you have a backup solution in place to protect you against the loss of your data.

We offer both on site and cloud base backup solutions that keep your data safe in cases of emergency.

We can install a backup program onto your pc that will back up at a specified time or as you require. You’ll need an external hard drive or NAS plugged into your pc (available for sale from Acre pc) which we then advise that you keep off site for security. 

This method of backing up is adequate for most home users but has its disadvantages as well. Remembering to take your hard drive off site appears to be the biggest issue leaving your data vulnerable to loss by fire, theft or natural disaster.

The external hard drives that we recommend are shockproof and have been drop tested but can still fail as can all electronic devices.

You also need to check the results in the back up program to ensure that your backups are being completed successfully. Get in touch with us and we’ll walk you through the options.

Local Backup for Business

Your Business data is extremely important to its continued future operation.  Have you considered what may happen in the event of fire, theft, or other natural disaster or damage, and what the impacts may be?

According to the USA’s FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) 40% of businesses do not reopen after a disaster, and another 25% fail within one year. The US Small Business Administration has similar statistics that indicate that 90% of businesses fail within two years after being struck by a disaster.

Acre PC can provide you with a tailored solution that best fits your businesses requirements – Talk to the team today and organize a secure backup system before it’s too late.

Local Backup for Home

How much of your personal data and file would you miss if your machine died or was stolen tomorrow?

Acre PC can provide simple automatic backup solutions that best fit your device setup.

Talk to the team today to see how we can help save your personal data from future loss by clicking here, or calling us on 07 5525 744



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